• Filled Chocolates and Truffles (10)

    Filled Chocolates and Truffles
    Various chocolate combinations using white, milk & dark chocolate with fillings such as caramel, praline or flavoured truffles such as rum truffles, Marc De Champagne and raspberry. We also make hand rolled truffles in a variety of flavours which are hand dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate.
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  • Chocolate Gift Ideas (4)

    Chocolate Gift Ideas
    Edible Chocolate bowls filled with a combination of filled chocolates and hand rolled/hand dipped truffles. Handmade honeycomb dipped in milk or dark chocolate and milk chocolate ‘Lucky’ Cows with a touch of white chocolate. A selection of chocolate bars in several flavour combinations.
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  • Chocolates for Special Occasions (1)

    Chocolates for Special Occasions
    Wedding favours, special birthdays & celebrations - we can combine your favourite chocolate - white, milk, dark with your favourite filling. We can also colour the chocolates to blend in with the theme of your celebration. Please call or email to discuss your requests.
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About Rivington Chocolates

Rivington Chocolates opened for business in 2014, a cottage industry built on a desire to produce hand made luxury chocolates using only the finest sustainable ingredients and bespoke recipes direct from our kitchen in Horwich by owners Christine and Chris.

Being a qualified nurse Christine has an exceptional eye for detail added to this a creative nature with experience in jewelry making. The chocolate bug has well and truly bitten Christine who has been making chocolates for a number of years for family and friends attending and completing various courses at Slatterys in Manchester to develop her skills further. This passion and skill are now the creative driving force behind Rivington Chocolates to share and delight both new and existing customers.